Approved by the Faculty Senate on April 9, 2007
Amended by the Council, November 14, 2012
Amendments approved by University Council, December 4, 2017


The primary role of the KSU President’s Athletics Oversight Council (PAOC) is to serve as an advisory group to the President of the University concerning the intercollegiate athletics program, including providing oversight on strategic and budget planning and implementation, reviewing policies and practices of the department, and sustaining the academic integrity of the university. PAOC also reports, at least annually, to the University Council and to other university shared governance bodies as requested
and as schedules permit.

Rules of Operation

A quorum of KSU PAOC and all its sub-committees shall consist of a simple majority of the voting members. If faculty members are in a minority at any meeting, the majority of faculty members present, as well as a majority of all members present, must support any motion for it. Beyond this provision to assure faculty consent, the Council and its sub-committees shall operate according to Robert’s Rules of Order, unless those rules are suspended by a two-thirds majority vote.

Frequency of Meetings

The Council will meet at least quarterly; additional meetings may be called by the Chair or by the President of the University when necessary.


Teaching Faculty (15 voting members)

  • (1) Chair, appointed by the President of the University
  • (1) Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) to the NCAA
  • (10) Faculty Representatives, one per degree-granting college, each elected by a caucus of the Senators from that college. If the caucus cannot agree on a college representative, the Senate as a whole will choose by majority vote between the two candidates with the greatest support in the caucus. Faculty representative will serve three-year terms, staggered to provide continuity.
  • (3) Faculty Representatives from the College of Continuing Education & Professional Development, the Graduate College, and the Honors College

Administrators (4 voting members)

  • (1) President of the University
  • (1) Athletic Director
  • (1) VP for Student Affairs or designee
  • (1) Chief Business Officer or designee

Other KSU community members (7 voting members)

Terms are three years unless otherwise indicated.

  • (2) Student Athletes, appointed by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, preferrably one from a fall sport and one from a spring sport so that at least one might attend each PAOC meeting
  • (1) Student, elected by Student Government Association [1 year term]
    (1) Staff Senate Representative (elected by Staff Senate)
  • (1) Administrators Council Representative (elected by Administrators Senate)
  • (1) Alumni, appointed by the President of the University
  • (1) Trustee, appointed by the President of the University

Ex-officio members

  • (1) Associate VP for Enrollment Services or designee
  • (1) Athletic Department Senior Woman Administrator
  • (1) Director, Student-Athlete Success Services
  • (1) Associate Athletics Director of Compliance