Executive Committee

  • Name
  • Sam Olens
    President of the University
  • Lynn Stallings
    Chair (Voting)
  • Daniel Niederjohn
    Faculty Athletics Representative (Voting)
  • David Buckman
    Faculty Representative (Voting)
  • Jim Herbert
    Faculty Representative (Voting)
  • Matt Griffin
    Interim Director of Athletics (Voting)
  • Kathleen "K.C." White
    Vice President for Student Affairs (Voting)
  • Heath Senour
    Associate Athletics Director of Compliance
  • Randy Kennedy
    Director, Student-Athlete Success Services (SASS)
  • Katie Egloff
    Associate Athletics Director for Events and Senior Woman Administrator
  • Lisa Bauer
    PAOC Administrative Support

General Purpose

The Executive Committee will conduct the routine and ordinary business of the PAOC between meetings of the full Council.

Budget Oversight

The Executive Committee will also have the chief responsibility for oversight of the Department of Athletics budget, including salaries, and shall regularly report its findings to the full KSU PAOC and to the University President.



  • 1 Chair, KSU PAOC (will also chair the Executive Committee)
  • 1 Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA (will chair in the absence of the regular chair)
  • 2 representatives of the teaching faculty, elected from among the teaching faculty of the PAOC by teaching faculty of the Council – when the elected teaching faculty representatives cannot attend, they should invite another teaching faculty PAOC member to substitute them. Such a substitute will hold the elected member’s proxy vote on the Executive committee
  • 4 Faculty / 7 Total Voting Members


  • 1 Director of Athletics (or representative)
  • 1 VP for Student Success (or representative)
  • 1 VP for Business and Finance (or representative)